Coffee Over Corona Map

I love this! Alaine Johnson created this for Medium as an opportunity for people across the world to share a cup of coffee despite being in lockdown. Users submit pics of their cup with a reflection on how coffee helps them in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. People from every continent are sharing their experiences and pics, be sure to submit yours!

I have made my submission, and hope to be on the map soon. Until then, here is what I wrote:

Mostly my coffee routine is the same, only I make coffee for two now – me and my kindergarten son. For about the past month he has been getting up early every morning to spend time with me before I go off to work, and for the past couple of weeks he has been very interested in my coffee.

He loves the smells most of all – the freshly ground beans, the aroma of the coffee after the bloom in my pour-over, the scent of the final product. He loves it all, so I have started letting him taste a few spoonfuls in one of my espresso mugs.

I “collect” coffee gear, so we have tried pour-over coffee, Flair espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress, and drip coffee together. He even volunteers to run the Encore to grind the beans, or use my old Hario to grind by hand if we need to be quiet, although that is a little tough for him.

Coffee is a social drink, and although I don’t get to socialize over coffee with those outside my house, I am getting to socialize the the next generation of coffee connoisseurs inside my house. Coronavirus has isn’t just a curse, there are blessings to be had as well.

Also, on the front end of Covid-19 I launched my own brand of coffee and am donating all of the proceeds to my church’s building funds. Well, the building project is now on hold, so that has slowed me down a little. Mostly I am drinking my own coffee that has been roasted for me by coffee pros.

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