Join the Expedition!


Ready to become a javadventurer as well?

Is coffee not just a drink to perk you up? Does it spark your curiosity, pique your interest, excite your curiosity?

If each bean could be the Lost Ark waiting to be uncovered for you, follow along as we journey down the road to coffee El Dorado.

Pack Your Gear

You can’t go on an adventure without the right supplies. Drop by My Gear page to take a look at some of my favorite gear and find inspiration for your own journeys.

The Essentials

Start your coffee journey with high quality coffee. My coffee is roasted by gurus that pour their minds and hearts into producing delicious coffee. Stop by My Store and order some coffee to get your adventure started!

The Adventure

Part of my javadventure is getting to know the gurus of the industry: coffee growers, roasters, baristas, and business owners. I interview these gurus and let them be my sherpas on the path of coffee exploration. Take a look on my Coffee Break page to find past interviews. Don’t forget to like and follow me!

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