Coffee Stuff Wishlist


  • Royal Kona Private Reserve Kona Coffee

    I love a good cup of Kona, which is hard to come by in Kentucky, so I have my eye on Royal Kona Private Reserve Coffee. They offer 100% Kona options at a medium roast level and roast after you order for maximum freshness. They also offer peaberry options, and sampler packs (including single pot samplers that can be had at a reasonable price).
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee 16 oz

    One of my all-time favorite coffees is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It is the coffee that got me hooked and it continues to be one of my go-to coffees today. I love the fruity, floral tones that come through this coffee. I used to think that when people tasted the “hints” and “notes” in the coffee they were crazy, but it is hard to overlook the flavors in a good Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I see a lot of people supporting the Volcanica brand as they seem to be an online-first coffee roaster focusing on high grade coffee, so this is on my “to try” list.
  • I like a little adventure and variety in my coffee cup, so the ability to sample coffee from great roasters from all over the place seems exciting to me. I really like the look of the Angels’ Cup subscription program starting at $10.99/mo. This program offers fresh, whole bean and ground bean options and can be stopped at any time.
  • Nothing fancy here, just my favorite chocolate covered coffee beans. Trader Joe’s too far away, buy on Amazon Prime and get them shipped to your doorstep free.

Coffee Gear

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