Gourmet Coffee in Columbus, Ohio

One Line Coffee

In June 2019 I had occasion to be at The Ohio State University and needed to find good coffee within walking distance. Doing a Google search I ended up with mostly Starbucks locations, but came across this jewel, One Line Coffee.

One line’s mission is to not only provide excellent gourmet coffee, but to connect the consumer with the farmers. From their website, “to us it means flavor and quality, sustainability, and traceability. it means doing everything we can to ensure farmers and workers are treated well, and earn a livable wage.”

Things I loved about One Line:

  1. Their baristas are great at matching coffee to your tastes. I told them what type of coffee I like (super fruity Ethiopian) and, although they did not have any Ethiopian at the time that met the profile I was looking for, they were able to pair me with an exquisite coffee.
  2. They are excellent coffee roasters. The coffee was perfectly roasted to bring out the many intricate flavors of the bean. Very nice light roast. Well done!
  3. Innovation. Aside from the well sourced and roasted coffee, they offer two types of cold brew. They offer they offer the traditional immersion style cold brew, but also cold brew from a Kyoto Drip Tower, bottled and ready for the road. Additionally, they had equipment for sale that I had never seen in any other coffee shop before.
  4. They focus on, and make excellent pourover coffee. I have been to many cafe’s where pourovers are an option, but seem to be a nuisance more than anything to the baristas, but here pourovers are the soup de jour. And, as I like to think of myself as a pourover connoisseur, it is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Coffee bingo:
The diagonal top is very interesting, but hard to put a pourover on 🙂
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