Father’s Day Gifts for the Coffee Lover

  • Does the dad in your life love exploring new roasters and beans? Give him a subscription to Angels’ Cup. Subscription programs start at $10.99/mo and offers fresh, whole bean and ground bean options and can be stopped at any time. Angel’s Cup features great roasters from across the US such as Verve, Sunergos, and many more!

  • 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii Coffee Company

    Love Kona coffee? Check out Royal Kona Private Reserve Coffee. They offer 100% Kona options at a medium roast level and roast after you order for maximum freshness. They also offer peaberry options, and sampler packs (including single pot samplers that can be had at a reasonable price). Not all bags that boast the Kona name deliver 100% Kona, but with Royal, you can give pure Kona to your coffee connoisseur.

  • Chocolate covered espresso beans are classic option for the dad that loves coffee and chocolate, which is pretty much all of them right? These dark chocolate covered espresso beans should satisfy dad’s sweet tooth, and a two pound bag is enough to share with everyone!

  • Roasted to order, shipped the same day.

    One of my favorite coffees of all times is is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe tends to be a very fruity, wild cup of coffee, and Volcanaca does a good job roasting to bring these flavors out. If that is not your style, Volcanica offers a nice range of other high end gourmet coffees including ultra high end coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain.

  • The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a great way to make a strong cup of coffee for dad, and is especially convenient if he is always on the go or enjoys camping. He could easily stuff this in his lunch box for a little cup of joy at noon!

  • Cold brew is hot right now (puns in honor of the dads out there). If the dad in your life loves cold brew coffee, try this cold brewer out: 1 liter Ovalware cold brewer. The 1 liter (34 oz) is perfect for making cold drinks for a couple of people, and larger sizes are available for bigger crowds. Plus it comes with a free cold brew ebook!

  • If your man loves espresso, he wants the Flair. This little manual machine gives you a high quality, professional level shot of espresso without forking over thousands on a high end machine. As long as you have a source of hot water, you can have high grade espresso drinks anywhere. It even comes with a carrying case! Be sure to add a pressure gauge for the Flair to give him total control over his espresso.

  • I have mentioned it before, but my favorite way to brew coffee is with the BEEHOUSE Coffee Dripper. this model is the single serving size as I am often the only one drinking coffee in my house, plus it fits neatly in my lunch box. If the father in your life is looking to up his coffee game on a budget, this is the tool he wants. This little tool outperforms even the top of the line automatic machines for under $30. Hard to beat that! Be sure to pick up some #2 cone filters for this as well. I prefer unbleached filters: Melitta Cone Coffee Filter

  • I love this machine! The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder chews through coffee in no time flat and you can easily adjust the grind settings. To get a great cup of coffee or espresso, you need the control and consistency of a high quality conical burr grinder. If you are not ready to make the jump to this machine, you might want to consider a nice, inexpensive manual grinder such as the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – “Mini-Slim Plus.” It is a great introduction to conical burr grinders.

  • If dad already has the grinder and coffee he wants, he needs a high quality gooseneck kettle for complete control over the flow of water while making pour-overs or other coffees. I personally love the Hario V60 Buono Gooseneck Kettle. Be sure to get the upgrade to the top that has a thermometer in so you can get the perfect water temperature. Dad might also love the Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle that has a electric base that brings your water up to the exact temperature you ask for!

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