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Earlier this year, 2019, my family and I decided to embark on a bucket list vacation – we were going to go back to where my wife was born in CA, take the kids to Disney for a day, and see the movie stars (or at least places they have been). Of course with Los Angeles being one of the best places for coffee in the states, I had to find the right spot to taste the cutting edge of the coffee frontier.


My method was pretty simple. I needed to find a place near all of the Hollywood and LA sights that I could get a great cup of without being much of a burden for the kids. There were several good choices in the area that represent 3rd wave coffee values, but I also wanted something I was not likely to find on the shelf in the grocery store. When I did my Google research, Verve kept coming up as one of the best places in the area on every list I saw, was not a nationwide brand, and had a couple of locations that easily fit into our tourist route. With a little tweaking, Verve was on our travel schedule for our Hollywood day.

Verve is a cozy little coffee shop with a few indoor tables stationed around the beautiful coffee preparation area. The coffee bar is a long thin island reaching out into the middle of the shop, giving connoisseurs a 360 degree view of the coffee making magic (and making us wonder where the baristas retreat to for a break). The bar features the classic coffee making essentials (brewers, espresso machines, blenders) as well as some new tricks, such as a tap for nitro flash brewed coffee.

My first choice of drink was the nitro brew, but it was actually out of season. I have heard about nitro brewed coffee, but have yet to try it, and I don’t want my first experience to be a canned coffee drink, I want it fresh out of the tap!

With the first choice not being an option, I wanted something I had never tried or seen before, I flew halfway across America after all! I ended up getting an espresso and tonic. Whoa. That is what I came for, I just didn’t know it when I walked through the door. This drink is a nice little pick-me-up that combines a couple of shots of high quality espresso with tonic water to create a smooth yet tangy treat. I had no idea what to expect. It was bubbly, sweet, sour, bold yet smooth. It was a coffee experience that you should try if you are a coffee adventurer. If you are in the Hollywood or LA area, check out the 3rd Street Verve for a great cup of coffee, in a great atmosphere! If you are not in the area, do not fret, a local CA coffee enthusiast is shipping Verve to the world to share!

“We believe the coffee experience is our responsibility from seed to cup. Coffee is our craft, our ritual, our passion. It drives us and inspires us. With this simple truth and responsibility we are bridging the gap from farmlevel to streetlevel. We are verve. Made in santa cruz.”

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